Brandon O’Brien

Brandon O’Brien has been highly successful in his operations of multiple companies in the Coachella Valley. Having graduated high school from Palm Springs High School, then leaving the area for a few years to pursue a college education and life experience, he chose to return to the place he calls home and establish roots, opening a window covering company. Brandon established Distinctive Flooring in 2006, and as the Great Recession was in full swing in 2008, he saw a need to help the talented friends and colleagues that he saw losing their jobs in the construction industry. The idea was born and plans were made to create a company that could take care of our existing customers and many others using the same principals of providing great customer service, having friendly and courteous staff, and just doing what you say you are going to do that made our other companies so successful. Brandon created Vincere Industries, and has developed it into one of the premier construction companies in the desert. Since the creation of Vincere, he has co-partnered and founded investment companies and continues to identify areas of need where his commitment to the community, value system, and work ethic will be of benefit to all. While working with multiple organizations and charitable foundations, Brandon O'Brien believes his effort should be directed to areas that allow for involvement in the community and a way to give back.